Jewelry Innovations Assessment

Jewelry Enhancements is a most recognized supplier of fine fashionable metallic jewelry. The business was founded in 1986 and is a leader inside the jewelry market for over 2 decades. They make rings, jewellery, bracelets and semi-mount ring lies. Some of their personal items are the Aerospace Grade Titanium, Tough Tungsten and Serinium.

The company has a 30/30/30 discount course for all retailers. This program includes the price of the item, the difference in finger size and the replacement of a lost or damaged ring.

The company is also one of the first companies to provide a semi-mount sample program. A semi-mount sample ring is made to fit the client’s hands and is designed to the highest criteria.

The company also offers a special warrantee program due to the items. These include a long time warranty upon all jewelry and a warranty on the engagement ring itself. It is patented superb material, Serinium (r), is a high tech metal that can be easily taken off with regular tools.

Although Jewelry Enhancements is not the first to manufacture the first ever 3d jewel, it is the first of all company to offer the most important – and possibly one of the most impressive – 3D style. With the use of polish trees, they are able to mass develop identical jewels.

As for the novelty, the ring on the left hand side is a modern take on a traditional style band. The jewelry on the right is a even more conventional design.